Why ToFF

In 1993, TOFF® CSOL pioneered the bedliner industry from Houston, Tx. We provide dealerships, auto accessory companies and retail customers with our diverse product options and experience in the spray-on bedliner/coating industry. Above all, we've differentiated ourselves from our competitors by promoting a customer-advantage approach. Call any one of our offices to find out what this approach means for you.

ToFF CSOL Compared

ToFF Liners

Plastic Drop-in Liners


Watertight seal

Depends on technician's skill and experience

Insulates bed from noise & road vibrations

Depends on Thickness. Some spray paper thin liners which can be undetectable when you drive out

Permanent bonded to surface; cannot be stolen

Depends on technician's skill during the preparation stage (sanding, taping..etc.)

Will not crack, split or warp

Depends on the Quality of chemical.

Virtually no loss of space


Depends on the Quality of chemical.

Reduces cargo slippage

Repairable in case of accident

No drilling or mounting hardware

Color Options


Limited Lifetime Warranty

NO. Most Lifetime warranties are only as reliable as the business itself.

Toff Custom Sprayed-On Liners

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