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Industrial Applications

Most Common Applications of Poyurea Coatings

Primary and Secondary Containment:

  • Tank linings or primary/secondary containment
  • Spill containment for oil tanks/ tank farm
  • Secondary containment on geotextile fabric


  • Boats, boat docks, lifts and marinas
  • Fish holds
  • Marine animal training tanks
  • Kayaks and canoes – coat fabric surfaces
  • Strut protection for hydrofoil watercraft
  • Coat/restore coating of pilings above and below water


  • Bedliners for pick-up trucks
  • Floors and walls of dairy barns
  • Silos for containment of coal, cement, chemicals etc.
  • Ambulance Interior
  • Anti-stick for end loader paddles at fly ash handling facility
  • Increase flow to turbine pumps (penstock)
  • Interiors of smoke stacks to prevent salt cake buildup
  • Aquaculture and horticulture ponds
  • Irrigation ditches, troughs and flumes
  • Swimming pools liners
  • Water slides
  • Water dike, dam repair and waterproofing
  • Line sluice boxes
  • Liners for setting ponds
  • Lining for cement mixers, ready mix trucks and chutes

Pre Coatings (Abrasion Resistance/Corrosion Protection):

  • Bridge coatings
  • Vehicle undercoating
  • Floating dock coatings
  • Pipelines for corrosion control
  • Damage control on slip line pipe
  • Pipe coatings for cathodic disbandment protection
  • Coating for pipe insulation fittings
  • Coating EPS products
  • Street Sweepers
  • Abrasion resistance coating on dump trucks
  • Aircraft carrier decks, passageways and stairs
  • E.I.F.S. base coat
  • Bus stops
  • Coat metal salt and sand spreaders
  • Roller conveyor
  • Fire water tankers protection of rush and stress cracks
  • Plastic pellet railcars – to prevent rust containment

Foam Coating:

  • Hail, bird, traffic protection over PU Foam
  • Protect foam floatation billets from mechanical and hydrocarbon damage
  • serving sandbags on embankments to prevent washouts

Roof Coatings:

  • Roof coatings for metal decks
  • Coating roof shingles
  • Roof coatings for monolithic domes
  • Joint Fill/Caulk:
  • Grouting for concrete floors
  • Concrete joint filler


  • Foam Insulation coat for floor cushioning
  • Horse barn and horse trailer floors
  • Concrete sanitation process stations
  • Corrosion protection on parking elevators

Wood Coatings:

  • Utility poles butts to prevent termite damage
  • Coating containment boxes for drilling mud
  • Laminate adhesive for high-impact plywood
  • Line ground-wood pump tanks

Food Containers/Carriers:

  • Juice and fruit padding bundling
  • Line containers for transport of optical grade sand, food and medical grade plastics
  • Steam cleanable surface for mushroom growing sheds


  • Theatrical props and movie sets
  • Custom water fountains
  • Preserving ice sculptures

Spray Molding:

  • Low-cost molds and molded parts
  • “Short run” molded parts to save the cost of tooling for rotary mold and vacuum form

Repair and Reconstruction:

  • Repair and recoat PVC sheet lines
  • Repair railcars hatches
  • Reset railroad tie spikes


  • Bridge deck waterproofing
  • Temporary building repair
  • Tiger cages
  • Tractions surface for vertical tower training for firefighters
  • Highway and bridge overlays
  • Highway striping
  • Potting away light fixtures on air strips
  • Protect high voltage boom trucks from electrical conductivity
  • Sports courts and skateboard ramp surfaces

General Protection:

  • Coat underside of brush planes to prevent rock damage
  • Coating trailers for hauling brine-soaked hides
  • Placer mine trough abrasion protection
  • Protect icebreaker ship bows
  • Protect saltwater ballast tanks on ships
  • Protect steel ice deflectors for bridge columns
  • Protection of sewage digester and clarifiers
  • Protection of surfaces in malt kilns
  • Glass – protect from broken glass injuries

Other markets:

  • Manufacturer of composing units
  • Membrane and barrier for mine uses
  • Line cable spools to prevent chaffing of wire and cable
  • Preservation of historic sandstone buildings
  • Sand and snow dumps
  • Replace FRP racecar body parts
  • Eliminate electrical conductivity on explosive off-loading
  • Line railcars for protection of products and prevent sticking during off-loading
  • Urine resistance for floors/walls of jail cells
  • Playground equipment lining
  • Protective elastomer for sprayed-in-place urethane foam
  • Rock shield for pipelines
  • Primed metal surfaces

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