Warning: Not All Liners are Created Equal.

In today’s spray-on bedliner market, TOFF has become synonymous with “Tough” protection and strength. Since 1993, TOFF® CSOL has dedicated its time and resources in providing customers with the best possible liner protection available.

Our greatest achievement has come from our reputation to effectively deliver a factory finished product. In fact, walk into just about any dealership or truck accessory store in the Houston area and ask for a TOFF® Liner. You can also contact one of our three office locations.

Consistency, Quality and Service have always been our common denominators in producing factory-finished liner protection. Read about the Toff experience from our testimonials.

We have a great relationship with Toff Custom Sprayed On Liners that spans over 9 years… We will not use anyone else… They are professional, efficient and always back their work… Great people and a great company to do business with.

Connie, Customer

Exceptional bedliners. Toff is always there when I need them. I have been doing business with Toff for 9 years and I wouldn’t think of using another company. No one else compares to the quality, consistency and professionalism that Toff has brought to the auto industry.

Rob S., Customer

TOFF is the only company I will use or recommend for spray-on liners in Houston! I have been using TOFF for 16 years and have never received the level of attention or customer service from any other company. Not only are they the most professional, their product is second to none!!

David Cooke,Sales Manager, Russell & Smith Ford

Toff Management: I want to let you know what a great group of employees you have! The QUALITY of workmanship…Excellent! My truck was completed on time and looks GREAT! Linda made everything clear about the process and pricing, and was a true pleasure to deal with.
Robert Robinson, Customer

I’m not messing around with generic or over-advertised bed liner products. Toff Liners in Houston is proven and has been my choice for spray on bed liners for the past 16 years.
Houston Ford Dealership

We have used Toff out here in Spring, Tx for years and have always received good feedback from our customers.
George, Pick up Specialties

I’ve been taking my trucks to Toff for the last ten years. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs a strong and dependable bed liner.
Kevin S., Customer

We have used Toff for 6+ years. Absolutely excellent service! Toff is dependable, reliable and always gets it right the first time. We will recommend Toff to everyone.
– Mike and Bill, Truck Gear North

I purchased my liner through the dealership where I bought my truck and was told that I would be getting the best spray-on liner available. They were right! My ToFF liner has really been useful and “Tough”.
– Richard L., Customer

I didn’t buy a ToFF liner initially but when I had problems with the liner I did buy the company I purchased it from wanted to charge me for a brand new one. I took it to ToFF and they helped me right away. Since then, I’ve purchased a new truck and made sure it had a ToFF liner. Thank you for your service.
– Paul T. Customer

We use ToFF CSOL for our spray-on liners and truth be told there isn’t a company out there that can compete with their service, consistency and products. We’ve tried to cut costs by using a no-name company and ended up passing on liner issues rather than savings to our customers. Won’t happen again!!!
– Chris C., Texas Elite Autos

I just had my garage sprayed and couldn’t be happier.
– Ed D. L., Customer

“I made the mistake of using a small liner company in town and five months later when I had a warranty issue, they were out of business. Not to mention, it looked like somebody just dumped chemical all over the truck bed with a bucket. Now I’m stuck with this mess of a liner. My wife just purchased a brand new truck and hers came with a TOFF® CSOL liner. What a difference!!!”
– Chris Corbin., Customer

“I have used TOFF® liners here in Houston for each of my company trucks…Great service…Great product.”
– Gordon R., Customer

“We have been extremely pleased with TOFF® CSOL and their professionalism. I absolutely recommend their services.”
– Eric Jackson., Texas Pride Development

“I sprayed my entire ’93 suburban with TOFF® liner…. Watch out thorn bushes…”
– Keith R., Customer

“TOFF® has a great relationship with Reliance Ford in LaPorte, Texas. Their hospitality and service is second to none. They have always treated us fair and with the highest quality product. I will always recommend TOFF® CSOL.”
– Bryan Puckett – Parts Manager
Reliance Ford in LaPorte, Texas www.relianceford.com

“TOFF® Liners has proven to me that they use the best chemicals on the market today. I rest assured knowing our customers leave our dealership with the highest quality bedliner available.”
– Sal, Helfman Ford. www.helfmanford.com

“This is Joe T. with Planet Ford on 59. I’ve been using TOFF® since 1993 and have never thought about going anywhere else for my spray-on liner needs. Their products are almost bullet proof and their services have never let me down!!! They have always been friendly and professional. TOFF® leaves no doubt that they provide the best bedliner protection that money can buy!!! They have and will be my spray-on connection for years to come. If you haven’t tried them then you’re not getting the very best.
– Joe Tazioli, Planet Ford 59 www.planetford59.com

“We have been using TOFF® CSOL for our Bedliner needs since 1998. Excellent product and service. Throughout the years, we have been approached by a number of spray-on companies trying to take their place…But guess what, TOFF® is still here and all the others are gone.”
– Marc L, International Audio
Deer Park, Texas

“TOFF® has been our Bedliner provider for the last 14 yrs. They have an outstanding product, and they know their stuff. We recommend TOFF® to anyone in the market for protection to your vehicle. No other company stands behind their product like TOFF® CSOL does.”
– Stebo , Johnson G.T www.johnsongt.com
Houston, Texas

“I have been dealing with TOFF® for as long as I have sold vehicles. TOFF® is a brand you can rely on. It is a wonderful product and professionally done. I have had no complaints from any of my clients that have purchased a liner for their brand new trucks through our company. They have been around for 16 years and still going strong.”

– Thad Cartwright
Beck & Masten Pontaic/GMC